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Holistic Therapies and Wellness

Welcome to SoulSynergy

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Each retreat is designed to facilitate self-awareness and promote holistic healing. We include psychotherapy, yoga and education to facilitate experiences which help people live more authentically through awareness of self: body, mind and soul. We do this through the symbology of the 5 elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Ether.


These retreats are for individuals who want to reclaim their authentic selves, have an avid interest in psychology or the human condition and want to begin or continue a journey of self-exploration and personal development.


Soul Synergy Logo SM_Green_1.jpg

Our psychotherapy sessions offer a mind-body-spirit approach to healing, an integrative approach with special interest in the transpersonal. We will work with and explore different levels of consciousness, bringing fourth unconscious material into the conscious mind. Evolving  and finding balance between cognitive, emotional and intuitive intelligence to build resilience and wholeness.  

This therapy is for individuals who want to known themselves better, strengthen their mind-body connection, and find meaning and purpose in their lives.


Soul Synergy Logo SM_Green_1.jpg

Yoga & Nutrition

We offer guidance on healing through naturopathic medicine. Naturopathy focuses on the bodies capacity to heal itself. It strives to find the cause of disease by understanding the body-mind-spirit connection. Nutritional therapy considers the body from a holistic perspective, with an understanding that no part of the body works in isolation.

Embodied yoga focuses on natural alignment and exploration within different asanas. Rather than striving for perfection, embodied yoga encourages a sense of curiosity. This form of yoga allows us space to feel, express and release.

Soul Synergy Logo SM_Green_1.jpg

Psychedelic Integration

We offer psychedelic integration to support individuals using the medicine for therapeutic purposes. Integration is an essential part of healing through psychedelics and uses a range of techniques to integrate these profound experiences into everyday life.

Therapy Sessions
Our Approach

SoulSynergy believes that there is nothing more intelligent than the design of the human body. Within each of us is an inner healer, we only need to facilitate the healing. We believe in a holistic approach to healing, exploring insights that emerge from the mind and body. 

About Us

Abi & Mia have been friends since school. They both travelled the world, and became passionate about human conncetion, health and well being. Abi became a qualified therapist, working in private practice and psilocybin-assisted retreats and Mia completed her yoga teacher training and is currently qualifying as a Naturopath.

Holistic Healing

A Fantastic weekend well spent! A really comfortable, cosy experience full of wellbeing, health and explorative work facilitated by wonderful women who are truly passionate about their work.
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